If you are ignoring the narcissist, then it is more than likely for a very good reason. You are not ignoring them for attention or playing their ghosting games, as they may do, for fun. You are ignoring them because of some hurt they have inflicted upon you. And they know when they have hurt you and they may very well expect to be ignored.

But do they care? Overall, not really. They may make a couple of attempts to get your attention, but this will only be short-lived as they see that you have only two choices. Either accept them for what they are or ignore them. If you feel deeply for them, then the chances are you will not be able to ignore them for long. If they dangle the carrot, they know that eventually, you will bite. And if you don’t, then they very well may have another supply who will. They more than likely, never leave themselves backed into a corner, where being ignored by you will have such, if any, impact upon them.

If you choose to completely ignore them and try to move on, some will confine you to history and use your ignoring of them, for their gains. Instead of understanding how they may have hurt you, they will use that as an excuse to drop you. Which they will see as your fault, irrespective of the hurt they may have caused you in the first place.

Whether you ignore them or idolize them, does not affect the outcome for them. Either way, the chances are, as in most cases, you will end up being discarded by them. Ignoring them, to try to get them to see how they may have hurt you, may not give you the outcome that you hoped for. Ignoring them, because you no longer want them in your life may have a small impact on them, but not too much, as they will already be looking for more supplies and as such will not be wasting much time on thinking about you or caring about what you do. Narcissists overall do not care what you think, whether that’s loving them or ignoring them. It is not about you, it is all about them!

Hayley Botha
The Divorce Coach For Men