My Process


Divorce is devasting and for men there NOT exactly fair! From child support to alimony and everything you have worked hard for; the process is not in your favor. You are in unfamiliar territory and trust me when I say divorce is not just a legal process; it is a major life transition. I will help you to prepare for divorce, sounds silly but not preparing for a divorce is worse! I will help you think through your many options and guide you to making a calm, clear and confident decision that is all your own. I have the advantage of knowing how women think and having a female divorce coach by your side is priceless.


When going through this “emotional rollercoaster” people are not functioning at their best due to feelings of frustration, anger, stress, sadness, and feeling overwhelmed. These feelings and emotions affect a persons’ ability to make prudent decisions for themselves and their children. I will be your “thinking” partner and help you manage your strong divorce emotions and bring forth more critical thinking.


 I will empower you through this journey each step of the way.  I will listen to you without judgment. I will not get worn out by your story, the drama or any of the emotions that seem to swirl around you all the time. I can provide you with tools, strategies, and techniques that will help you to navigate your divorce with confidence and emotional control.


We will create clarity around your values, intentions, and goals of your divorce. There are many facets to a divorce, and I will be your support system on many areas whether it’s shared custody, co-parenting, moving forward with your “new normal” with your children, coping with the highly charged emotions you’re most likely experiencing and much more.

Next, we will define and detail an action plan that will inspire you to continually move forward towards a future that you are excited and happy to live.  I’ll encourage you, challenge you, and hold you accountable. As your Divorce Coach, we will take the journey together and get you through the rough spots so you Emerge Strong.


  1. Pick a time.
  2. At your scheduled time, I will phone you at the number you have provided.
  3. I will listen without judgment while keeping it conversational and confidential.
  4. I will tell you how I may help you or if I don’t think my services are for you. 

My coaching is available in many forms to fit your needs. The best are face-to-face sessions.  However, due to time considerations or geography, we can arrange sessions that use Skype or Apple’s Facetime. Of course, we can always do phone sessions.

As part of my unique service, I also offer on-going support off-hours to ensure that you have a comfortable and successful transition to your new life during and after divorce.

Wherever you are in this journey, I have professional resources to assist you. This is essential for ensuring that you feel supported and have expert advice whenever you need it. 

Take the first step in moving forward through the divorce process with encouragement, guidance and support, by booking your complimentary 1-hr. discovery call with Hayley.