I have been where you are. I have experienced many of the fears and concerns you have right now, and I am here to tell you I UNDERSTAND. I do not just talk the talk; I’ve walked the walk.

During my divorce, I realized I would put my education, professional experience, and skills to use and become that well-needed resource exclusively for men. I’ve spent over a decade coaching men during every facet of their divorce process.

Divorce is an uphill battle for men, as they are starting with the disadvantage of a biased system that is essentially flawed. Under the immense weight of legal, financial, and emotional pressure, most men feel they must concede to the demands of a flawed system all because they did not have a resource of support by their side telling them “Not to give up.”

Having the input, perspective, and strategies from a female point of view, are just a few of the advantages of having me by your side, which is why I have become better known as “The Divorce Coach For Men.”

In 2014 and 2015, I was honored by being nominated for the Woman of Influence Award for my work in the community. Having majored in psychology and counseling, along with my certification in divorce coaching, I possess the tools needed to help others and make a difference in their lives. My quest for knowledge did not stop there. For two years, I studied and trained in Nonviolent Communication, a process for resolving conflict within people and relationships.

When I finished my training, I went on to study NPD (Narcissist Personality Disorder) and interacting with this personality disorder. My clients have found this incredibly beneficial when going through a divorce and forming a co-parenting relationship with this personality disorder.

Over ten years ago, I became the ONLY female divorce coach for men, and this remains true today. I am passionate about guiding, supporting, and empowering men as they navigate the emotional rollercoaster of divorce.

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