How Can Hayley Help You?

If you’re struggling with your divorce, here are just a few of the ways I can help you:

  • Dial down negative emotions
  • Navigate the divorce process
  • Establish communication strategies for co-parenting
  • Support for your children
  • Manage conflict
  • Deal with a high-conflict ex-partner
  • Let go of your ex and move on
  • Create a future you’re excited to live

Are you looking for more in-depth help to get you through your divorce? In divorce, you will make the biggest legal and financial decisions of your life during an emotional upheaval in your life, which is a terrible combination. My coaching will give you the vital tools that help you make these decisions informed and confidently. I create a space for you to acknowledge your emotions, assess your situation, and implement strategies and techniques. Along the way, I use my knowledge of how women think, to your advantage and mine.


  • When unsure about divorce, help you understand your options, clarify your goals, and make a plan.
  • Sort through the logistical and emotional questions that are keeping you from making an informed decision about what you want.
  • Understand the difference between litigation, mediation, and Collaborative Divorce – and identify which is right for you.
  • Tell your wife you want a divorce in a way that doesn’t lead to chaos.
  • Tell your children you’re getting a divorce in a way that won’t devastate them.
  • Understand how your divorce will impact your friends and family.
  • Establish communication strategies for co-parenting.
  • Process the emotional fallout of your divorce so you don’t go into mediation bitter or resentful.
  • Create appropriate and healthy boundaries with your ex.
  • Navigate dating after divorce and how that will affect you and your children.