therapist, Spiritual Coach, divorce coach – What’s the difference?

A divorce coach, a therapist and a spiritual coach can be extremely helpful when you’re going through divorce and feel overwhelmed and stressed by the process. But many people do not understand the difference between them and which would be better for their individual situation. Here’s some information to help:


  • A therapist helps you work through emotions such as grief and loss and helps you manage mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.
  • A therapist focuses on your past and how you got to where you are now. A therapist determines a diagnosis and treats mental health issues.
  • A therapist does not typically walk you through the practical steps of divorce. Therapists will help you identify challenges that are a result of the divorce and will help you overcome them.
  • Therapists help you dig deep into the issues that you’re having and find the root causes so that they don’t hold you back in the future.

Spiritual Coach:

  • Working with a spiritual coach helps you learn about the laws of the Universe.
  • Work with you to expand understanding of self and the world around you.
  • They show you how to work with the laws of the universe to get what you want out of life.
  • A spiritual life coach can walk you through goals such as being one with the universe.

Divorce Coach: 

  • Divorce coaches do not identify mental health diagnosis and are therefore appropriate for individuals who don’t have a history of mental illness but are in need of support through their divorce.
  • Divorce coaches educate you about the divorce process, focus on the present and the future and how to achieve your goals, help you manage other divorce professionals, help you communicate with your spouse (or your ex) effectively even in high conflict situations and teach you how to co-parent with your ex.
  • Divorce coaches are goal-oriented and flexible using a coaching process that helps motivate, support, and guide you.
  • They provide you with effective problem-solving skills and strategies which will help you to make informed decisions throughout your divorce.