I graduated from Stockton University with a degree in both Applied Psychology and Counseling. My degree has given me the tools and resources to help others while going through this life-changing journey. 

In 2012, my years of study led me to pursue my certification in Divorce Coaching and open my practice specializing in working with men. Why men? It is due to my belief that the divorce process is biased and unfair to men on many levels such as alimony, child support, custody/shared parenting and false allegations.

In 2015, I began a two-year study in Non-Violent Communication. I attended and participated in practice groups which enabled me to put to practice the education and tools I had learned.


In 1999 I founded and operated a successful consulting business specializing in client retention and client conflict resolution.  Twenty years of having a positive impact on my clients have been incredibly rewarding. Seeing how much of an impact I would make through my volunteer work was not only fulfilling and rewarding but also the driving force behind Emerge Strong Divorce Coaching Services.


In both 2014 and 2015, I was honored by being nominated for the Woman Of Influence Award for the impact my business and volunteer work with men had made within the community. Giving my time to those in need has been my lifelong passion.


My thirst for knowledge in this life-changing subject matter has continued to motivate me to never stop learning so I may be of better service to my clients. 

I have attended and participated in the following:

February 2019 Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals conference: Building & Sustaining your Peacemaking Practice; Innovative Tools for Collaborative Professionals and Mediators. 

April 2019 attend the International Coaching Federation (ICF) conference: Eye-Opening Ethics.

May 2019 attended the 7th Annual Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals Conference.