Check-in Daily with Hayley

This Coaching option is for anyone who could use some support and guidance as they are going through the divorce process.  If you about to begin or already in the process and need unbiased help while you are going through this phase of your life, I am here to help guide you.

Whether you are looking to get your questions answered or are looking for advice, this option fits all your needs!

Message Hayley privately to get a quick response either via text or voice message.


  • Stuck in limbo & unsure if you should divorce?
  • Going through a divorce & don’t know how to manage the process?
  • Attempting to communicate with a narcissistic ex?
  • Are you overcome with anxiety?
  • Trying to manage co-parenting?
  • Feeling lonely during your divorce?

During divorce many changes occur, often unfolding in real-time. This is just one of the many benefits of having the ability to text Hayley as you are navigating the chaos divorce often brings.


$300 (PER MONTH)

STEP 1 – Complete Your Purchase
Congratulations on making this investment in yourself! Going through your divorce with Hayley’s support will alleviate many of the fears and stressors you are facing, while also giving you peace of mind.

Your first step will be to complete your purchase. Enter your name and email in the box to the right and hit Subscribe. You will then be asked to make your payment and after doing so, you’ll be all set.

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STEP 2 – Text with Hayley
Once you subscribe you will receive an email from me providing you with my private number and telling you how to get set up on the texting app. After you get set up you can send me a text message so we can start chatting. You will be able to text with me for 1-month until it will auto-renew or cancel.

 STEP 3 – Important Information! 

  • When registering please enter the email address you would like to receive any material from The Divorce Coach for Men.
  • Your subscription to Texting with Hayley will automatically renew monthly until cancellation.
  • If you have any questions, please email: thedivorcecoachformen@gmail.com