Life after divorce

My goal as your coach will be to work with you to make decisions today that will create a future filled with hope and gratitude instead of living a life of bitterness or filled with regrets. Despair, regret, disappointment, guilt, and anger do not have to be your constant companion. You don’t want to stay stuck in your divorce story and miss out on living your new life. Divorce is only a part of your story; it does not have to be the last chapter of your story.

Here are just a few issues and areas we would work on:

  • Rebuilding your life  – financially and emotionally 
  • Co-Parenting with an Ex 
  • Techniques & Strategies on dealing with a narcissist Ex 
  • Dating/Relationship 
  • Remarriage 
  • Blended Family 
  • If you need, we will also build a team of professionals you may need to call on as you rebuild your life i.e., realtors, mortgage lenders, financial planners, accountants, repair folks, and support groups.

Working alongside you as your post-divorce coach, you will Emerge Strong!