domestic violence happens to men too

There are a lot of misconceptions about what abuse is, and how it can affect different people; some people believe that it’s not possible for a woman to abuse a man.

Hitting, manipulating, biting, screaming, pushing, lashing out at, and controlling are abuse. It is still domestic violence when harmful and aggressive behavior or language is being directed by the woman to the man.

There are men who are silently suffering, because they are in an abusive relationship, and some do not speak up because they feel ashamed that if they complain it makes them “weak.”

It’s not acceptable to be violent towards your partner whether you’re a man or a woman.

It’s not okay to threaten someone’s life, no matter how angry you are.

It’s not okay to threaten suicide if your partner talks about leaving you.

If you have experienced this, you may be feeling a lot of shame, anger, resentment and hurt. You’re not alone, there are more men experiencing this than you may think. There is support for you, don’t go through this alone!